The Universal Sewing Machine LED Light Kit is in our opinion the best value available. It includes 18 bright SMD2835 LEDs In a high density
configuration and all the hardware required to mount it on your machine. The LED strip can be cut at designated locations for easy installation
and can be adapted to fit just about any sewing machine on the market today.

This kit includes everything you will need to install your lights.
Flexible Design

Once installed, you will be amazed at the amount of light
produced by the LEDs. The location of the LEDs ensure
that there are no shadows and that you have an unobstructed
view of the work area of your machine.

This design also ensures that the light strip and the
associated wiring does not obstruct your ability to
use your machine.

Fits:All brands such as; Singer, Juki, Brother and Bernina
Improved Visability
The Universal Sewing machine light will aid you by putting light
where you need it. Using the adheasive backing stick the strip,
where light is needed. Plug in the supplied power adapter and
flip the switch!

Total installation time around 10 minutes.
Exceptional Value
If you want to add light to your machine, but don't want
to spend more than $15?

The Universal Sewing Machine light is designed
to provide a cost effective option for most sewing
The LED strip can be cut at points indicated to
better fit your application.
Comprehensive Kit
  • 18 SMD 2835 LEDs 200 Lumens
  • 12v AC Adapter
  • In-line Switch
  • Zip Ties, Cable Mounts, Alcohol Pad
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Lifetime Warranty