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Live Primer Catch for Dillon XL650

Live Primer Catch for Dillon XL650

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NOT compatible with Dillon stock spent primer cup.

Live Primer Trap is practical solution to a problem every XL650 press user is familiar with: live primers being ejected out of the press and falling to the floor. The original ramp on the press does not do a great job catching those live primers as they are ejected. And even if they stay on the ramp, retrieving them without dropping some can be challenging.

Live Primer Trap replaces the original blue ramp assembled on your XL650 press. Use the original screws to secure new ramp into place. The live primers will slide down the wider ramp and accumulate safely in the removable bin. Removable bin is held in place with magnets. Easy on, and easy off for a handy and fail-proof solution. Vertical windows will show you level of live primers.

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