Owners of Dillon reloading equipment expect high quality and superior performance. We designed our UFO line of reloading press lights
with this in mind.

The UFO 650 is, in our opinion the best possible design to put light right where you need it, on the shell stations. This allows you to visually
verify powder levels before you set the bullet. No more relying on battery powered flashlights or lights that mostly illuminate the shell plate bolt.
You only need one light per press, not one for each tool head!

This kit includes everything you will need to install your lights.

Innovative Design

Once installed, you will be amazed at the amount of light
produced by the LEDs. The location of the LEDs ensure
that there are no shadows and that you have an unobstructed
view of the work area of your press.

This design also ensures that the light strip and the associated
wiring does not obstruct your ability to use your press.
Improved Safety
Safety is the number one priority for reloaders. Attention to
detail is critical to ensure that your reloaded ammunition
is loaded to the proper specifications. One of the most
dangerous mistakes a reloader can make is a double
charge of powder or a squib where a case gets no powder.

Either of these can result in an explosion and injury or even death.

Using the UFO 650 you will have one more tool that will help you
spot a problem and correct them before it leads to tragedy.
The Difference is Clear
The first time you switch on your UFO 650, you
will wonder how you ever reloaded without it.
Exceptional Value
The UFO 650 was custom designed to attach to the
underside of the tool head support. This innovative
design provides overhead lighting in a compact form

With the UFO 650 you need only one for each press
rather than one for each tool head as with other
competing products.
Unmatched Performance
The UFO 650 out performs all similar products and
sets the standard which all other lights are

We truly believe once you have used
a UFO series light you will wonder how you ever
reloaded without one.
Comprehensive Kit
  • 24 Extremely Bright LEDs (500 Lumens)
  • One Piece - Low Profile Design
  • 12v AC Adapter, In-line Switch
  • Zip Ties, Cable Mounts, Abrasive Pad
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Lifetime Warranty
UFO 550 & 650 Review: