Includes everything needed to install your lights on a single press (Except denatured alcohol for degreasing). The items in the Options Information section below may be required in some circumstances. Read the descriptions below to determine your particular requirements.
Expansion Pack:
Includes everything included in the kit except the power supply. Expansion Packs are intended for those that already have another of our light kits or a compatible power supply from another source.
Toolhead Pack:
Includes everything needed to add light to additional toolheads. Toolhead Packs are intended for those that already have a UFO 1100 Kit. You MUST have the KIT option of the UFO 1100 to properly utilize a Toolhead Pack.
Replacement Pack:
Replacement Packs are intended for cases where a user has damaged their LEDs and requires a replacement. It does not include any instructions or mounting hardware that would be required for a new installation. Replacement Packs include: LEDs w\pigtail, zipties or adhesive strip.
International Buyers:
Our power supplies are rated for an input of from 100-240VAC, but you will need an adapter for your outlets. We recommend international customers choose the Expansion Pack option and then purchase a compatible power supply locally.
Power requirements for Expansion\Replacement Packs:
Output = 12V DC 1A w/ 2.1mm x 5.5mm male barrel connector

How long are the cords?
Power Adapter Cord Length = 60in
Switch Length = 12in
Pigtail Length = 8.5in
Total from where the pigtail attaches to the LEDs to the plug approximately 80.5in


We offer several add-on options with each order. In most cases these options are not required, but may improve your overall experience with the installation and usage of our products.

The Y-Harness is not required. However, if you want to run two lights on the same press you will need this option. Example; A UFO and a Universal.

You can see additional information or purchase it separately HERE
Horizontal Light Pack:
This option is for those who would like to add LEDs to the front support to provide horizontal lighting. This item includes a 9in. Y-Harness and a 6 LED strip w/ pigtail and provides additional lighting to your existing UFO series press light

You can see additional information or purchase it separately HERE
50CM Extension Cable:
The extension cable is used if you need additional reach from your power outlet to your press. It can also be used to extend the Y-Harness so that you can use the one power supply to light a second press.

You can see additional information or purchase it separately HERE
Dimmer Switch:
If you would like to customize the level of the illumination on your press, then you might opt for a dimmer. The dimmer can be used as an on\off switch, but in our experience it is best to use it in conjunction with the standard on\off switch. By setting the preferred light level then using your on\off switch as the primary switch.

You can see additional information or purchase it separately HERE

Wire Management Pack:
Includes 10 - 60mm Zip ties and 10 - 13x13mm Adhesive backed wire mounts.

You can see additional information or purchase it separately HERE
Locator Pin Lifter Tabs:
Makes grabbing locator pins on your Dillon press easy!

You can see additional information or purchase it separately HERE


UFO - Hornady LnL AP (6in), "O" Frame Single Stage Presses such as the RCBS Rock Chucker and Hornady LnL single stage (3.75in)
UFO 550 - Dillon 450 & 550 All versions Can be adapted to; Hornady 50 BMG Press
UFO 750 - Dillon XL650 & XL750 Can be adapted to; RCBS Pro 2000
UFO LM - Lee Loadmaster. Can be adapted to; Spolar Gold Premier, RCBS Grand and RCBS Auto 4x4
UFO LT - Lee Pro 1000, Classic 4 station turret. Can be adapted to; MEC 600 JR Mk5
UFO CX - Forster Co-Ax. Can be adapted to; TURBAN PRÄZIPRESS
UFO M² - MEC Marksman, Hornady Iron
UFO BL - Lee Breech Lock Pro\ Pro 4000
UFO RC - RCBS Pro Chucker 5 & 7 Can be adapted to; Dillon SL 900
UFO 1100 - Dillon RL1050, CP2000, Super 1050 & RL1100 Can be adapted to; RCBS 50BMG
UFO SP - Lee Six Pack\Pro 6000

UFO XT - Lee Ultimate Turret Press
Universal - Will fit most press models as long as clearance is available

Click HERE to view all our press lights

Do you offer a light for the Redding T-7 or RCBS Turret Press?
Unfortunately, due to the rotating tool head it is not possible to add a light to a to the Redding T-7 or RCBS Turret Press in the same way we do with other designs.
Do you offer a light for the Dillon Square Deal?
There isn't enough clearance within the SDB tool head area to add a light. The only option would be a light source that is mounted outside of the press.
My press isn't listed?
See our sizing guide on our support page HERE. This guide prints out at 1:1 scale. You can use this to determine if one of our lights can be used in your situation.

Have you used one of our lights for a press not listed or have a new product suggestion?
Please email us at support@kmssquared.com and we will add it to the list.